We the instant repair iPhone Apple Screen and Touchscreen in Ilford

Our price are the best and first class service is our priority in London and around UK United Kingdom.

We offer quality on every repair and original proper parts, this is our big deal.

We resolve many issues like iphone and ipad charging ports, battery replacement, camera issue, load speaker, headphones and earphones jack, earpice home button, motherboard problems, u2 ic, touch screen, no sim, and all this in record time while you waiting.

Most of requested services by our customers are:

iPhone + Screen Repair + Ilford iPhone LCD + Broken iPhone + Smash Display + iPhone Unlock + iPhone Touchscreen + Issue iPhone + No charging + iPhone ear speaker + problem iPhone + load speaker issue + iPhone battery replacement + iphone home button + not work + iphone camera problem

most of the models we repair are:

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We offer the pop in service ( Mail in ) and Walk In Service in our Repair Centre: Cranbrook Road, Ilford.

Apple iPhone Repair in Ilford IG1 Quick Fix and Cheap Service near me, here we are!!!

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