Apple Master Ltd is one of very less companies in the UK which operate in mobile phone repair and  take the transparence process very seriously, we offering to our customers the best options and explain everything in details about the screens and parts in the market and what we use. 

A lot of clients ask questions about iPhone Chinese LCDs. They are confused becuase most of shops are telling to use original genuine parts from Apple, this are just story tellers to do not belive.

But is very hard to have a very transparent answer from an competent expert on this field, this why we at Apple Master created this tutorial, easy to understand and explain in more details the truth.

Even iPhone itself is Made In China, there are very less customer to know about that until they read carefully the rear of their iPhone and remaining surpirsed to do not have an iPhone Made In USA.

iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus,6s, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus or even the latest one iPhone 8 / 8+, X, XS, XR, XS Max are Made In China from Foxconn one of the biggest factories in the world.

All the LCDs we use are Made In China as well and are made by one of this major LCD suppliers as below and assembled by different manufacturers.

The major LCD factories for iPhone LCDs are:

  • Tianma AAA+ Quality
  • Longteng LCD – Infovision Optoelectronics (IVO)
  • JingDongFang – (BOE)

Tianma is the best factory using high quality parts and materials and have a very strict testing process and hi-tech production line. The second one is Longteng and the last one is JingDongFang.

But is JingDongFang worst one ?

Absolutely not, some assembly factories use even cheaper quality LCDs than JingDongFang to lower the cost and have price advantage in market .

You must know what you are buying, right?

Apple do no sell absolutly new or used genuine screens or parts to any supplier or repair shop in London or World-Wide which is not a part of Apple chain. We can arrange refurbished genuine screens by order only, this screens are generated from used screens, used phones, insurance phones, 14 days and 30 days return policy phones from phone contract companies.They mast be or looks absolutely new, are new, or are logically new or generated new.

We use like standard replacement the AAA+ quality, rarely we will use other qualities as well, all depends on the stock and suppliers. We cannot guaranty the AAA+ stock at any all time but we can arrange it for you upon request if it's not in the store.

We suggest our customers always to do not compromise the quality with price, the budget screens are for the customers who do not care about the consistence of colors, contrast, brightness, pixel, resolution or other details like it is more thin, think, slim, white, black and anything releated to perfectionism.

Here we have an example which explain better the technical structure of TM and Genuin Screens.

The screens which are not Made in Apple are of course diffrent, even AAA+ quality or whatever it will be, the function is the same but we cannot pretending to have the same quality from a replacement budget screen,. The next solution for them who can affort to pay the Apple price is to book with them: The Apple Price List is HERE.

Our Apple Refurbished Genuine Screen Price List in (£):

IPHONE 8 £155
IPHONE 7 £120
IPHONE 6S £125
IPHONE 6 £115
IPHONE 5, 5S, 5SE £105

Book in advance and get a 5% discount on above prices. We do same day repair with genuine refurbished screens, we charge extra £15 on above  prices.

We hope with this tutorial to have help you on your chose and to be as trasparent as we can. If you have any other question we will be very happy to help you, please e-mail us or Call 020 3490 9160

For our price list you can call or check in our website the updated one 24/7 by yourself.

Best Regards, Apple Master Ltd.