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Dear Customer,

*Our appointments are FREE

This service is for all our customers if they are asking an appointment Out-Of-Hours or if the requested slot is not within our Walk-In Working Hours. 

Our Walk-In hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-1PM / 4PM-6PM

If for any reason You ask an appointment which is not Walk-In we can arrange one for making it easy, by Appointment from Mon-Sun from 8AM-8PM

The  Fee We Asking You to Pay is an insurance for the reservation which you will held for the time slot You asked to book and it is refundable in full if you attend the appointment in time. The reason why we ask You to pay is to exclude those customers which booking and do not attend the appointment, which this cost us time and money,.

*This fee is non-refundable if for any reason if You do not hold Your appointment in time as requested and confirmed by our TXT or CALL service, and you do not asked a cancellation 1 hour before.

In case of delay, the Allowed Delay for the appointment is max 15 minutes from the confirmed time, and You have to let us know that You are late by TXT or e-mail. You do not need to be at your appointment before the given time or after as you will find the service point close and loose your appointment and paid fee.

in that case the fee will be non-refundable and will be considered a compensation for the technician who offered the service that you missed.

Our unit have CCTV system installed to verify and proof any appointment, the TXT, e-mails or CALLS are registered and stored in our systems for a long time as proof.

To cancel the booking You have to TXT 07498060001 or e-mail clicking here 1 hour before, in this case we will refund your reservation fee in full.

For any question don't hesitate to e-mail us or CALL 020 3490 9160


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Out-Of-Hours Booking Confirmation

Out-Of-Hours Booking Confirmation

Booking Service